Covid 19 has created new challenges for many of us including our Churches. How can we worship, share our faith, provide pastoral care, serve our community, while honouring the wisdom that recommends or requires physical distancing?

Churches all around the country have risen to this challenge. Many Christian leaders have taken to technology like ducks to the water. On line worship is no longer the preserve of a few but now an essential tool of the many. Pastors, preachers, ministers, have taken to experimenting with various electronic platforms not only to keep in touch with their congregations but to facilitate worship and nourish faith in homes throughout the country.

The Church Life Survey team believe that we have a lot to learn from what has been happening in churches over the past months. Some of this will enrich and strengthen the work of the Church not only now but for decades ahead. Hence this brief survey which will provide a picture of what is happening, how people are responding, and what we can learn that will assist us as we move into the new future. Thank you for taking part.

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Q.1 Is your church, diocese or denomination providing regular Sunday worship in video format for its members?

Q.2 Can people with a computer and/or a Smart TV or Smart Phone easily access the worship service?

Q.3 Which platform or platforms is your church using to communicate with its people?

Questions Not used Used but not enjoyed Used and enjoyed Used and very much enjoyed Don't know

Q.5 What do you like most about your church's video worship?
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Q.6 What aspects of worship do you miss most while you have been unable to attend church in person?
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Questions Not used Poorly Adequately Very well Don't know

Q,8 Do you see a place for ongoing video style worship once congregational life can resume?
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Q.9 Would you like your church leaders (pastor/priest/minister) to make greater use of video such as YouTube or Zoom in Bible study and fellowship groups?

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Q.11 During the crisis, I have found spiritual support from: Weight
My church website and video streaming
Other church websites and video streaming belonging to my denomination
Other websites and video streaming not associated with my denomination
Phone conversations
Meetings using Zoom, Skype, etc.
(Please select which of the above resources you have used and then sort them with the most significant at the top - you can drag the cross on the left side to change the order of each item)

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